PM POSHAN Scheme is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme which serves hot cooked meal to school children studying in Classes I-VIII of Government, Government aided schools, Special Training centres (STC) and Madarasas and Maktabs supported under Samagra Shiksha.

The PM POSHAN guidelines envisage to provide cooked meal with 450 calories and 12 g of protein to every child at primary level and 700 calories and 20g of protein at upper primary level. This energy and protein requirement for a primary child comes from cooking 100g of rice/flour, 20g pulses and 50g vegetables and 5g oil, and for an upper primary child it comes from 150g of rice/flour, 30g of pulses and 75g of vegetables and 7.5g of oil.

PM POSHAN Scheme in J&K: With a view to enhance enrolment, retention and attendance and simultaneously improving nutritional levels among children, the flagship scheme of PM POSHAN in Schools was started in 2004. Separate Directorate for PM POSHAN Scheme has been established during the year 2018 by the then Government of Jammu and Kashmir State.

Objectives of the Scheme:

  • Improving the nutritional status of children in classes I – VIII in Government, Local Body , Government aided schools, EGS and AIE centers.
  • Encouraging poor children, belonging to disadvantaged sections, to attend school more regularly and help them to concentrate on classroom activities.
  • Providing nutritional support to children of primary stage in drought-affected areas during summer vacation.

S.No. Items Primary Upper Primary
1. Food grains (Rice) 100 gms 150 gms
2. Pulses 20 gms 30 gms
3. Vegetables 50 gms 75 gms
4. Oil and Fats 5 gms 7.5 gms
5. Proteins content 12 gms 20 gms
6. Calories 450 calories 700 calories


District Level Cooking Competition of Cook-Cum Helpers: In Jammu division, cooking competition of cook-cum helpers engaged under PM POSHAN scheme have been conducted in various zones during the year 2019-20. The winners at the Zonal level were invited for further competition at District level. The 1st three winners from each district were proposed to be trained by Food craft Institute Dhami Nagrota, Jammu to enhance their cooking skills and to learn recipes utilizing whole vegetable including leafs and stem. But, it couldnot possible during the year 2020-21 and also in 2021-22 during closure of schools due to spread of COVID-19.

School Health Cards: Lt.Governor G.C Murmu has inaugurated the student health card scheme on 6th of March 2020 under PM POSHAN.It has benefitted around 12 lac 7 thousand students till now. Student health cards were distributed to all Districts of J&K UT. Health checkup of children will be recorded in School Health Cards and kept in schools for future check-up also.

School Nutrition Garden: In Jammu and Kashmir UT,7675 School Nutrition Gardens have been established till now and 1199 number of Nutrition Gardens are in progress .As per Ministry of Education guidelines, all schools are supposed to have school nutrition garden so that the students should get hand on experience regarding kitchen gardening and also enjoy the taste of fresh vegetables during meals in the schools.